Auctify Specs

The Anti-Procrastination Smart Glasses


Meet The Auctify Specs.

Specs are the world's first smart glasses that can keep you from procrastinating. Specs uses biosensors and patent pending computer vision software to track your activities, and provides personalized insights to help you boost your productivity and focus. Reserve your glasses today and receive up to 60% off our $399 MSRP when we launch our kickstarter campaign!

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Made By Students, For Students.

Can't stay focused? We've been there too.

We founded Auctify in 2018 as students at the University of Toronto. We know school is stressful, we've been there. Our goal at Auctify is make school easy and stress free. No more all nighters, no more 11:59 submissions, and no more questionable pick-me-ups. Specs will keep you focused and efficient, so that you have time to spare on the things that really matter.


Personalized Insights and Advanced Encryption.

Easy. Safe. Secure.

Customize your experience by setting your goals and objectives using the Auctify desktop/mobile app. Our patent pending machine learning algorithms can provide personalized real time activity tracking, and uses positive psychology to keep you motivated and focused. Keep all of your data safe and secure with our in-app encryption settings.


Indistinguishable From Normal Frames.

Simple. Stylish. Practical.

Specs are designed to seamlessly replace your existing glasses frames. We've taken our version one glasses and condensed them down into a pair of frames you'd actually want to wear.


Stay Focused

Specs can detect exactly when you get distracted, and can bring you back into focus with a gentle audio cue through our bone conducting sound transducers.

Avoid Procrastinating

Set custom time limits to prevent you from procrastinating for too long. Specs will gently nudge you back into focus when it's time to work.

Get Motivated

Specs uses proven methods in positive psychology to motivate you to stay productive. Specs isn't just a productivity tool, it's your own personal companion.

Keep a Balanced Diet

Specs uses image recognition and volume estimation to determine your daily macronutrient intake, making it easier than ever to stick to your meal plans.

Stay Active

Track your daily calorie burn with built in pulse oximetry sensors and a 6 axis accelerometer + gyroscope. Never skip leg day again with our friendly activity reminders.

Our History

We can't wait to start shipping Specs out to you. But we need your help, reserve your specs today for $1 to help us spread the word about our upcoming kickstarter campaign!

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    The Auctify Version One

    Our version one could track your activities, measure your heart rate, and play music. But we've come a long way since then. We've taken all this hardware, and packed it into a sleek frame with world class computer chips that are unparalleled in efficiency, giving you the battery life you need to get through the day.

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    Countless Hours of Testing

    Smart glasses are supposed to be ugly and uncomfortable, right? While other companies may have set a precedent along these lines, we at Auctify want to ensure that your glasses make you look and feel great. That's why we invested a great deal of time into designing, testing, and redesigning our frames. The result? Smart glasses that are lighter and sleeker than ever.

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    The Auctify Specs

    After countless hours perfecting our compact hardware and machine learning software, we're nearly ready to bring the Auctify Specs to you. All we need is your help to spread the word about our campaign! By reserving your Specs at $1 today, you'll not only receive a huge discount off of our sale price, but you'll also help us show the value of our product to new sponsors.

Meet Our Team


Arthur Nguyen-cao

Founder & CEO


Hisham El-Halabi

Founder & CTO


Kevin Qin

Electrical Engineering


MingZhi Chen

UI Design & Marketing


Jayce Wang

AI & Machine Learning


Chelsea Hudspeth

Marketing & Outreach

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If you have any questions, contact us. We would love to hear from you!

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